There’s nothing worse than being ordinary.

We embrace founders who believe that risk-taking, trust, and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens.
Without trust, fear creeps in.
Without serendipity, there are no surprises. —Rita Golden Gelman


Erik Moore

Erik is a recovering investment banker (bond trader and institutional salesman).

To glean more insight into his past life, read Liars Poker—he worked for ‘the human piranha‘ at Lehman Brothers.

He proudly grew up and unapologetically reps his home town – Richmond, CA

As a result, he is an avid mentor of inner city youth and very involved in his community.

He is also on the board of the East Bay College Fund – scholarships and 4 year mentors for kids from Oakland going to college.

Dartmouth/Wharton, BA in French, MBA in finance, MA in French…(some people need to see that)…whatever.

One of the very first investors in Zappos – the take away: he’s been doing this for a while.

Tony Hsieh is the largest LP in BASE.

​Erik was also the co-founder of a tech startup “flicklaunch” that launched…and then crashed.

​Finally, he ​is passionate about everything Down Town Las Vegas and supporting the Down Town Project.

Erik Moore
Managing Director

Kirby Harris

Kirby took Erik’s advice 15 years ago and pursued a career in Private Equity and not Trading.

It paid off as they are now partners at BASE.

Kirby grew up in​ this ​Oakland​…not this Oakland.

Kirby balled with Jason Kidd in High School and according to him, helped Jason develop the offense he now runs in Milwaukee.

He serves on the Board of a Charter School in Oakland.

He has coached several boys and girls youth basketball teams (preferring the girls as they are far more appreciative)

He is passionate about mentoring youth from the inner city and cares tremendously about the community.

Kirby is a proud Morehouse man…did a stint in London studying Finance and has an MBA from Cal State Hayward.

He’s a life long sci-fantasy freak and his ultimate goal is to become a warlock.

He’s a good dude most importantly.

Kirby Harris
Carole Crawford
Strategy Partner

25 years in Investment Management
Managing Partner @ Fincap
Chartered Financial Analyst

Michael Seibel
Venture Partner

CEO @ SocialCam (Sold to Autodesk)
Co-Founder @ (Sold to Amazon)
Partner @ Y-Combinator

Ryan Merket
Venture Partner

Early employee @ Facebook
CEO/Founder @ PingFM (Sold to Seesmic)
CEO/Founder @ Appstores (Sold to Inmobi)

Phil Bronner

General Partner @ Novak Biddle
Alumni Advisory Board Member @ Carnegie Mellon
CEO/Founder @ Quad Learning

Greg Besner

CEO @ RSS Global (Sold to Computer Shares LTD)
CFO @ Second Market
CEO/Founder @ CultureIQ

Harper Reed

CTO @ Threadless
CTO @ Obama for America
CEO/Founder @ Modest